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B.A and M.A at the same school: BAD OR GOOD?

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Hi everyone!

   I just wanted to get some feed back on this particular subject. I've heard that obtaining both degrees from one university can be looked down upon by hiring managers because it doesn't show any diversity on your resume. I never gave it much thought until after speaking with a friend recently. I obtained my BA from Lehman College in SLP and am currently in their masters program for SLP. What do you guys think? When it come to speech pathology is it looked as something negative? I appreciate all feedback! 

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That's B.S. 

I agree with the above!  It shows loyalty if anything.  It won't be a problem as an SLP I have never heard of anyone being turned down for attending the same school (ever).  Perhaps in other majors/fields but I really would not worry.  I highly doubt they even look at your undergrad work they want your graduate degree and your license that's it!  


Your friend is misinformed :)

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