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Asking for exemption from GRE

med latte

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After 3 months of studying and a very poor performance on the GRE, I discovered that the department I am applying to may waive the GRE requirement for some students. Huh. Sure wish I could get my money and the last 3 months of my life back. 

I asked about the potential for a waiver when I saw some other universities offer it for "older" applicants with a strong relevant background. I'm 39, been in my field for 15 years, got my MA ten years ago (3.5 GPA), am currently taking classes in the program I will apply to (4.0) and will present a paper at a conference later this year. Just don't ask me to do algebra or geometry. :)

Does anyone have any experience writing such a letter? I'm stuck on wording. Trying to find the right tone. 

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I'm thinking of a slightly different scenario. I was told to draft a letter to the committee asking for exemption of the GRE requirement - not sending in scores at all. 

I don't think you could do that. If they're required you gotta send them 

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It depends on the university. In some places the program/dept. has stronger authority in admissions than the grad school, and the GRE requirement can be waived by the program/dept. This is the case in the program I am applying to, and I'm told it is becoming a more frequent practice, especially for nontraditional students.  

I've already received confirmation that this is done in the program I am applying to. The Director of the PhD program told me to draft a letter to the AdCom asking that the requirement be waived. I started this thread to ask if anyone else has written a letter asking for a waiver. I'm looking for some help with writer's block.


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