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Hi everyone, I just had a quick question regarding LORs. One of my professors had to go on an emergency leave and is not able to write my LOR. The only other superior I haven't asked for a LOR is my supervisor at work. She has known me for several years  so she is able to speak on behalf of my academic achievements, work ethics and overall personality. She knows how much I value education and how I have always put my studies first. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that writing is not her greatest attribute (English is not her first language). In general, do you think graduate school admission committees look down upon LOR that are not considered "proper standard english?"

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Just a thought, but one of my LOR's was not a gifted writer as well so me and  coworker worked on the LOR with him.  Also for one of my LOR's for job applications I emailed one of my busy LOR writer's a paper with bullet pants of things she could mention in my LOR and she used pretty much everything I wrote.  A lot of these people are busy so they actually appreciate it when you kinda give them a generic blue print.  Hope that helps!

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