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Update transcript?


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Hey guys, so my grades for 2015Fall just came out, and it seems like I did pretty well last semester, increased my overall GPA by about 0.1

Most of the programs I applied haven't emailed me their results yet. I wonder if I should update my transcript? Is it even possible? 

I wasn't really happy about my grades before last semester, so updating transcript may increase my chance of getting in to the programs I guess? 


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It also really depends on what your GPA was before. If you had a relatively high GPA to begin with, a 0.1 difference may not matter at all. If you had a lower GPA, it may be helpful when your application is reviewed. If you're pretty positive it will help you, it may be worth sending new unofficial transcripts to your schools by email. I had to update my SOP at two schools, and they were very accommodating, so it's certainly worth a try to get your transcripts updated. But only if you think that change in your GPA is enough to matter when your application is being reviewed.  

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I'm wondering about this too considering that I took all classes in the field I am applying to (BioE) this semester and got very high grades in all of them, far better than the grades I've gotten in my straight biology classes (my major). Would just emailing a PDF of the updated transcript with a quick explanation to the graduate admissions coordinators suffice? 

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