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Interview Questions- Clinical/Counseling


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What are some of the interview questions we can expect for clinical/counseling grad school interviews? I have seen other threads that discuss interviews but I haven't seen any specific for these fields that discuss questions. I would like to be prepared for upcoming interviews so any advice or specific questions that have been asked would be helpful. 

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I've had around 3 interviews for clinical programs before. I've gotten a lot of questions about research projects I've worked on, either as my own thesis project, or as an RA. I've also gotten asked ethical questions about situations that may pop up working as a clinician. I've found that it's varied a lot by school. Some schools have very formal interview processes with standardized questions, while others are more a discussion about your experience and whatnot. I'd be prepared to talk about the following:

-Any research you've been involved with that you listed on your CV or statement of interest. Make sure you don't forget any of the details (e.g., specific variables) or outcomes.

-Any data management/analysis experience that you have.

-Any experience that you have that may not necessarily be related to a clinical/counselling program, but that you can talk about. 

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