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Fall 2016 CANADIAN Counselling Psychology Applicants

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2 hours ago, Applicant14017 said:

hey, have you heard back as of yet? 

Not yet! Still waiting to hear anything from Western. I am not sure if they have contacted anyone yet with acceptances. Have you heard anything? 

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I heard back from Western today and unfortunately I was not accepted into the MA counselling psychology program :(. Good luck to everyone else who applied to the program and I am sure you will all hear back soon from Western about your application status.  

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I realize that this thread is a bit outdated; however, I was wondering if anyone who applied to Western's counselling psych program would be willing to share any helpful tips with me- be it on the statement of purpose, the interview process, or simply useful information regarding the program. I am struggling quite a bit with my statement of purpose so if anyone would be willing to share theirs as a way for me to gauge whether I am on the right track, it would be appreciated beyond measure!

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