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  1. Master's programs in clinical psych tend to be research-oriented and focused on preparing students for doctoral training. Is anyone aware of master's programs that are applied/terminal programs that allow you to become licensed as a professional counsellor or psychological associate? I know of one, which I am currently enrolled in but am curious to see whether there any similar programs out there. Sidebar: I know that a master's in clinical mental health counselling is the alternative to clinical psychology programs for those who aren't interested in research; however, I'm focused on clinical
  2. I realize that this thread is a bit outdated; however, I was wondering if anyone who applied to Western's counselling psych program would be willing to share any helpful tips with me- be it on the statement of purpose, the interview process, or simply useful information regarding the program. I am struggling quite a bit with my statement of purpose so if anyone would be willing to share theirs as a way for me to gauge whether I am on the right track, it would be appreciated beyond measure!
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain! That really helps me get a clearer picture of what is expected. My SOP is currently a bunch of rough drafts that I have tossed aside feeling as though they are highly inadequate. It's unbelievably nice of you to offer to help. If you wouldn't mind sending me yours, I'm hoping it will get me to stop second guessing myself and gage whether I am on the right track. I will gladly send you mine to look over once I have something concrete written down.
  4. Hi all, I just joined grad cafe because I am quite honestly extremely overwhelmed by the application process. I am applying to both counselling psychology and clinical mental health master's programs. My main concerns lie within being able to present myself as an ideal candidate when I don't have any research experience that defines a narrow scope of interest or expertise. I have done my due diligence in finding programs that don't require previous research experience; however, when reviewing examples of statements of intent, I find that most people have a clear interest that sets them ap
  5. Hey, Can you give any advice on the statement of purpose/the interview process for mental health counseling programs? I'm considering BU but overall am struggling with being able to coherently express answers to questions such as why I chose the particular program, what I would like least about it, or my major strengths and weaknesses in relation to being a prospective counsellor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I simply feel like no answer I can come up with is good enough. Thanks!
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