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Hi everyone! 

I just received my acceptance letter for the PhD program in Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology. This is my top choice for grad school since I really like their Evolutionary Biology Faculty and have a supervisor I want to work with. I have done my research and know that GATech is a very good school but I would love to hear from more people about what they know and advise as well. If you could give me more information about the school and its Biology grad program that would be wonderful. I am still waiting to hear back from California Davis, University of Edinburgh and University of Toronto as well. Thank you!

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Tech is a really good engineering school and is well-respected in science and tech fields.  I am not sure what area of evo bio you are interested in working on exactly.  Could you go into what type of work you are interested in exactly (are you working big data with genomics etc)  Also think of what you  may want to do after graduate school, are you more interested in academia, industry, government?  that may help us advise you.  I believe all of those schools are great schools and internationally recognized so you can't go wrong but I believe knowing more information about you specifically can help to decide which of these schools aligns best with your future endeavors and type of work.

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I am sooooo jealous. I really do like GA Tech's biochem program; but half of my motivation of landing an interview there is to visit the Georgia Aquarium. They have whale sharks, and if you pay a little extra you can scuba dive or swim with them. On another note I have heard great things about their STEM programs in general, plus the CDC is in Atlanta if that floats your boat.

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