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Long story short, I have a lot of experience teaching ESL. Two of my former ESL co-teachers and I got together and formed Student Planet. An online, ESL teaching/tutoring service. Then, we got in touch with an SLP friend of mine to offer accent modification services.

All of this seems to be related to SLP to me. So, I mentioned it on my resume that I submitted with my apps and I linked to our company's website (studentplanet.us).

Currently, we're rebuilding the website and that link just shows a picture. You can see the under construction version with a special URL (staging.studentplanet.us) Do you think there is anyway to let schools know about this small change? Do you think it is even worth it?

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Is there a temporary page where the schools could at least see basic content, even if the page isn't pretty right now?  Does the under construction website easily link there?  If so, I think you're fine, and there's no need to tell schools about it.  If the only thing they can access is the under construction screen, you might consider contacting schools with what is normally available on the website.  Also, when you mentioned it on your resume, is there any indication there of what it's all about?

I don't think it's a big deal either way.  There's no guarantee that the schools will even take the time to visit the website in the first place. If they do, and can't access the normal content, I doubt they would hold this against you.  It's very cool (and modern) that you have that as part of your experience in the first place!

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How do clients/customers currently access the website? Do you have any? Do you have experience on that website? If not, I'd say, don't list it. 

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