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My chances for admission to a speech pathology program


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So my undergrad GPA is 3.3 (3.5 in major). I was an education major for a couple years and really screwed up. I explained this in my personal statement. My GRE combined score is 311 and 4.0 on writing. I have applied to every SLP grad program in Michigan and one in Ohio. Do I even stand a chance? I'm getting very discouraged hearing that some classmates have already received some admissions decisions. 

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I'm not familiar with Michigan schools, but have you looked at ASHA's EdFind yet?  Here's the search results for Michigan SLP programs:


It looks like most of these schools have accepted students with GPA's at or below 3.4, at least for last year's admissions cycle.  You can also see GRE score ranges, and see how you compare.

Also, know that it is very early in terms of receiving decisions.  A few schools have started sending them out, yes, but many haven't quite yet, and even the ones that have probably have only sent out the first round of offers.  They can only send so many offers at a time, and have to wait to hear back from those students before sending out the next wave.  It's really very early, and at this stage I would say no news is good news.  Your acceptance letter may be on it's way any day now!  Or it might come in two or three weeks.  Less fun to have to wait, but you'll get through.  In the meantime, you can also check out the survey for each of your schools, to see when decisions came out in past years, and which schools have started sending out offers this year.  It looks like at least some of the Michigan programs don't start sending decisions until the end of February.


Good luck!

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