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MFA Costume Design Fall 2016


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Sorry for the immense delay is posting... life has been crazy with applying and going to all these schools. I'm going for Costume Design too! If you want to talk, let me know! :D!

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I just found this forum, it's so helpful! I'm going for an MFA in Costume Design, though I didn't really formally apply to any schools... I signed up and interviewed with a bunch of schools at the URTAs in February and I've just been waiting to hear back from them. 

I heard from Temple on Monday, which was my top school at the URTAs. But since they only admit one costume student a year, I didn't think I had much of a chance. But when the head of the costume program called, she said I was her choice! I have until this next Monday to say yes or no, but since I'm pretty sure I'm going to say yes (the research I've done makes me think the program is a great fit for me) I'll probably email her tomorrow. I just don't know what exactly to put in the email or how to phrase it professionally. 

How's everyone else's wait going? 

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Congrats! :D! 

That's kind of how I did it; I applied and interviewed at CMU, went to the URTAs, and waited. Had interviewed at UT Austin and Northwestern. Still waiting on all of them, haha. But no news is good news!

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