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Detailed information about SFAI needed, Thanks!


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Hey, everyone. Thanks for clicking into this thread. 

I have just got accepted by San Francisco Art Institute Photography MFA this year. It is a good news to hear but I am still not 100% free from the anxiety.

I know this school has a rather long history and many famous alumni and alumnus, especially in photography field, like Annie Leibovitz. But it not accurate to measure the quality of school only by some individuals achievements. So I really want to get some first hand information about how do you think about the education they offer (like faculty, campus and facilities) there and experience about living in SF (I heard its a really expensive city to dwell) and how do you career go after the graduation as a photographer (or artist)

Since I am an international student so it will be great if there are other international students who attended SFAI can answer my questions.

I am really grateful to everyone who read my post and please give me all the information you have about this school.

I really appreciate your generous help.

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