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Stanford Diversity Essay


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Does anyone care to write that stanford diversity essay?

is it optional? How important is it?

Please let me know what you think.

i think all optional essays should only be written if you have something meaningful to say. take a stab at the essay, but since there's not much time before the dec 1 deadline i'd really make sure it's a good essay otherwise i'd just not write it to begin with. i ended up paraphrasing a personal history statement used for other schools.

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It's not so much an essay as a few sentences. They only allow 700 characters! Don't misread this as I did, as 700 words, and waste your time coming up with something other than a few straightforward sentences.

I had the same questions about whether to even fill it out. But I guess I'd rather be safe than sorry. I would rather not appear apathetic.

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thanks for all your replies...

yes I misread the limit...i thought 700 words ....I had to cut down my 1-page essay to only a few sentences....oh well...

My GRE is mediocre...and....Stanford is a dream school...for me...

where else are you applying?

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