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Admissions Policy in Courtauld for MA Art History


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Hi, this is kind of random but at this time I'm honestly at my wits end and don't know who to turn to.

I'm wondering if anybody has insight as to how strict Courtauld is with their admissions policy! I know they need you to have graduated with a good 2:1, or a 65% on average. I was given a conditional offer, long story short I have to send them my result transcript again to prove I meet their requirements of graduating with more than a 65% BUT this is the problem! I graduated with a 64.5%! I'm just 0.5% off their minimum entry requirement! 

So yeah if anyone could please just let me know if anybody knows how strict they are, if they're literally not even going to let me in because I'm .5% below the entry requirement, or if they're gonna turn a blind eye to that.  

I'm kind of edge about it because I have to pay them a hefty deposit to secure my offer and place on the course, but it's non-refundable !!! 

Thanks in advance!

ps If I didn't make much sense, please tell me so I can explain it better! this whole situation is headache-inducing... 

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As far as I know, they are pretty strict about this stuff. I would speak to you prospective advisor about it. Also, if you give an explanation on needing an extension for the security deposit they can be more flexible on that. 

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