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Masters in Music Technology - Worth it? (McGill vs NYU)



Hello all, This is my first time posting here! I'm in a bit of a quandary and would love to see what some of you think - especially if you are in music tech. I'm an audio engineer with a BSc Hons from SAE London. I started my own agency out here in India, and have been working for around 2 years as a sound designer - still a one man show for the most part, with a few vendors - growth at this point seems to be only a function of time and a little money. I've really wanted to pursue a Masters in Music Technology - I already have an accept from McGill (Fall 2016), and then I'm applying for NYU (Spring 2017). The cost factor isn't so high on my list, but there's a lot of other factors that I've been pondering over.

  1. Is a degree in Music Tech really worth getting? What advantages does it have on the life of an average audio engineer?
  2. I may have to drop the McGill option, and wait to hear from NYU because Schulich doesn't accept deferrals. Is that a bad decision to make; Is McGill actually a more superior course than NYU - especially in terms of employment/skill and a stronger name in support of your degree? I've always assumed that NYU has more to offer in terms of Internship opportunities, and most importantly to me: they have more taught courses than McGill, which in comparison only has remedial/pre-requisites and then the Thesis. Am I wrong?
  3. McGill also seems to have the ONLY music tech course in Canada. To me that's an indication that Canadian Unis have still not yet caught on to such a field, and that makes me wonder how strong a course at McGill can possibly be - in terms of learning potential.
  4. I'm hoping a good university will be half the battle won and I've really only been able to narrow down to Stanford, NYU, GaTech so far in the US, and in that order, as universities that matter. How does McGill compare with these for Music Tech?

While hoping my questions aren't too broad or silly, any inputs would be greatly appreciated...

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