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Hello all


I need help regarding my DS160 form for the US student Visa.

I received an admission into a PhD program with full funding for tuition fee along with a stipend.

Under the column "person or entity paying for your trip", should I write that I am sponsored by the department or should I mention "self"?

I am confused and hope seniors can help me out here.







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I think they probably mean the source to fund the trip like ticket? Since you are funded, it is more likely that the assistantship will be explicitly written on your I-20 and you probably won't need a financial certificate/statement. I think if you are paying the flight ticket, you can put "self". Otherwise, if it is paid by other party, you can write down that entity. I am not an expert but this is what I probably understand from the situation as an international student too. And you certainly want to ask your school advisor who can know these very well.

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From what I understand, the US government means your entire stay in the US when they mention "trip" (very confusing, I know!). This is because some other Visa's are associated with much shorter stays, in which case the word "trip" is appropriate.

I listed my university's main address and in the "Relationship to you:" field I wrote: "University where I will do my graduate studies". I got my F1 Visa no problem, so that seems anecdotal evidence that at least they don't find it weird/suspect when you fill out the form like this. 

Good luck with your application!

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