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I was recently admitted to CSULA's SLP certificate program/postbacc and want advice and feedback on the program. Is being a full time student and working doable for the program? Should I take fewer classes my first semester to adjust? 

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Hi! I'm currently a Post-Bacc student at CSULA. Congrats on getting in!

I'm not sure how the semester system is working in terms of how many classes you take. Semesters won't be as rigorous as the quarter system I went through. 

I've worked throughout the program, but I took 3 COMD classes for the first two quarters and 4 classes spring and will take 4 in the fall. I took a 4th statistics class my first quarter to cover the ASHA requirement (and most Grad school pre-req). I tutored two afternoons a week after class, on Fridays and bartended most weekends. It's a LOT of work to do this program. I had to cancel work some weekends in order to keep up with midterms, finals and projects. You won't be able to work fulltime and also be a fulltime student, but part-time work is doable. I didn't want to finish in one year because I wasn't going to apply the fall with only 4 COMD class grades. I'm applying this fall and feel like I'm in a better position for Grad apps. 

This program is great, but the work load heavy. Dr. Flint can help answer any questions as well. Private message me if you want any other info!

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