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Hi Everyone!

I am applying in the Fall to a TON of schools in the South, which I was hoping would included LSU. However, I am only slightly familiar with LSU Baton Rouge and sort of confused. Would someone mind helping me out when it comes to comparing SLP programs at LSU AM and the other LSU campuses? Should I apply to all? Just one? Do they prefer LA residents? My fiance is applying to medical school this year too, so we are trying to apply to the same schools but it looks like LSU only accepts LA residents for their med program :(

Any help is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!!!!

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LSU Shreveport, LSUHSC, and LSU-BR each have different application processes and different requirements for admission to their program.  Definitely apply to all of them if you like their programs.  LSUS and LSUHSC offer a master of science, LSU-BR's is a master of arts; their program is more research-based than clinical based.  Idk about LSU-BR, but I know for a fact that the other two give priority to Louisiana residents.  

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