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Should I write something in body of an email if only asked for cover letter and CV?



If a professor asks applicants to send in a cover letter and CV as an attachment of an email, should I write something in the body of the email, as well? Necessary or overkill?

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Dear Professor X, 

Please find attached my CV and cover letter, submitted as part of my application for Y (or: as per your request, or whatever). 

Please let me know if there is any additional information that I can provide in support of my application or if you have any questions.

All my best,



Which is to say, yes, you don't just send an email with attachments and no explanation for who you are and what they are for. If you are so inclined (I usually am), you can also ask for confirmation that the prof received the materials and/or ask when you might expect to hear from him/her, so you know the email arrived safely at its destination and have some timeline to look forward to. 

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