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I am getting ready to apply to graduate programs for Speech Language Pathology. I am from Mississippi and am currently attending University of Southern Mississippi. I will apply here, the University of Memphis, University of Southern Alabama, and University of Tennessee Knoxville. (others pending)

Right now, I have a 3.8 GPA and I am working to pull it up to a 3.9 by the time I graduate (two semesters left). I just took the GRE last week and made a 186 (143 verbal and 143 quantitative). I am planning on taking it again in hopes of pulling up my score, but I am not the best test-taker. I currently serve in leadership positions in the College of Health and am very active in my department and on campus. I also currently work on campus in the Office of Disabilities. My question is: Is my resume good enough for the schools I am considering applying to? What is your best advice to me as I prepare to apply for grad school? Is there anything I can add to my resume to make me a more valuable student? 

I have made myself familiar with edfind on ASHA's website, and have looked up the "requirements" for each of the schools I am applying for, and my GPA and GRE all fall in the range of scores accepted in previous years past (although my GRE is at the bare minimum). 

In addition, what advice can you share about preparing for the GRE? Before I took the test the first time, I bought a Kaplan book and online access code; I studied practically the entire book and I did numerous quizzes and practice tests. What other resources might help me improve my score?

I would greatly appreciate any and all advice.

Thank you, 

A curious undergraduate student 

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