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MS in Computer Science Profile Evaluation 2017


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GRE 320

awa - 4

Verbal - 158

Quants - 162

Undergrad -

4th year - B.tech CSE - India Top 10 Unis - college has MOUs with tons of unis abroad(mostly US) so they may have heard of my UNI(Not sure if this is relevant)

CGPA - 3.36/4

  • 4 Internships
    • 1 month full time -  Networking related
    • 6 months (worked remotely) - Networking related
    • 6 Months (Part- time) - Image processing
    • 1 month full time- Software development for Data Analysis firm
  • 1 paper accepted for publishing - image processing - using thresholding to isolate brain tumors in MRI - scopus indexed journal 
  • 1 paper - review process underway - Internet of Things - Cloud based patient monitoring system

Programs of interest: Computer Science(general), Computer Vision, AI, Machine Learning,Networking and network security , Robotics

University List (not in order):

  1. CMU
  2. Columbia
  3. NYU
  4. University of Toronto
  5. John Hopkins
  6. U of Alberta
  7. U of Chicago
  8. U of British Columbia 
  9. Boston U
  10. Purdue
  11. U of Southern California 


  1. What are my chances for acceptance to unis on my list with my profile
    1. Are the unis on my list out of my league/ Should i be aiming lower? if so how much lower?
  2. Any Suggestions for replacing any of the unis on the list?
  3. Any feedback

Thanks For giving this a read :D

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