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  1. On a side note, has anyone contacted UBC regarding when they plan to roll at decisions?
  2. Just went through the CS reults page for U Of Toronto, Oh well doesn't seem like I'm getting in there... They sent out interview requests to the admits and informed them of the decision at the end of the interview. They also mailed back students inquiring about their decision status to ,"Prioritse other offers" as they have very few admits left to give out and will do so only by end of April. Im gonna accept my offer in the US i guess...
  3. If Chemical Engineering comes under the whiting School then i know for sure that they dont provide funding for ms. @Moccalatte try contacting the labs and attempt to get an RA position it will cut the tuition in half
  4. It said something along the lines of,"Ready for Review".
  5. I personally prefer the research at Columbia over Duke. Not to mention I really like the idea of living in NYC
  6. My application for Alberta is definitely under review, because someone contacted and asked me to fill a supplementary form, which was "necessary to fill before my application could be put up for review". That was like a week ago, needless to say the anxiety makes me check the portal 10+ times a day.
  7. USC does this a lot, I'm guessing they schedule the server to send out these mails when the load on their servers is the least. That or they are really hardworking
  8. Check this -> LINK. Most profiles are not particularly great, but the fact that they received decision responses just goes to show that application evaluation is underway.
  9. Thanks for providing me with this perspective. I realize now that I should focus on what my needs are from a graduate school and make a decision based on whether they are satisfied rather than comparing myself with my peers. Much appreciated!
  10. Thanks for the insight. Honestly, this was hard to read, but I think I really needed it. It's really unfair for me to pass judgements in the way that I did.
  11. So I have applied to 13 Computer science schools, I am an international applicant and keep track of admits to these school using this site and another one called yocket. Every day I observe people with much "worse" (lower GRE, GPA, No or much lesser research or other experience) getting accepted to my program. Looking at these results day in day out I find myself thinking, "Should I even go to these schools?". The sort of mental philosophy I have is that I want to go to a graduate school which is equal to or greater than my calibre. Is it fair for me to judge schools this way? I am in the wrong here? Any advice/counselling would be appreciated!
  12. From the previous years results you can see that they send out mass rejects around May. So no news may be bad... However, they do start their evaluation pretty late as well so I suspect that they just started with the process recently. A little early to lose hope!
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