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MFA grad school open houses?! Vs. personal tours vs. Graduate Portfolio Day


Hello prospective grad students, 

I'm applying to several MFAs in drawing + painting this year. What's especially difficult about the process is visiting campuses that are far away. I know that most of us work, and dropping your life and your job to visit a campus is a STRUGGLE. I'm organizing a few visits, and my dates are fairly limited. I've had a few campuses tell me, "Oh, it would be better if you came to our graduate school open house." For folks who have been through this process before, what is your opinion on this?! It seems like some open houses are a little bit of a waste of time, since it is grouped with ALL graduate school programs at the university. However, schools like U Michigan has an open house just with their Stamps School of Art. (http://stamps.umich.edu/graduate-admissions/information_sessions) That seems like it could be pretty beneficial, but I would have to change my travel dates around. The alternative is to just have some private visits with a couple professors (which is more personal, but maybe less convenient for them), and hopefully, some meetings with current students.

Generally, I'm just looking for more advice on the matter, since most of the advice I've gotten is, "VISIT ALL YOU CAN!" In any way, shape, or form. I'm also still undecided about going to Graduate Portfolio Day. I know, I know, it sounds like it could be worthwhile. But...I live in the Southeast. NYC is not exactly close. Please, I would love some educated opinions on this!!

Thank you!



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