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Which scores would you choose to report?


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Hi all,

I've taken the GRE twice so far and am trying to choose which scores to report for Communication PhD programs

First attempt yielded 163 (v) , 143 (q), 5(awa). That came out to 92%, 14%, 93%, respectively.

Second time around got 165(v), 149( q), 4.5(awa) for 95%, 35%, 82%

My primary concern is that my quant score is terrible the first time around but writing is better. So which of the two would you choose? Or should I just take it again?

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On 2016. 10. 7. at 10:58 AM, Azsy16 said:

I'd report the second set. The writing score is decent either way, but the verbal looks impressive and the quant less distracting.

Thanks all! I'm seriously glad that no one said to retake the test.. I've already spent nearly 1,000 bucks on test-taking alone (had to take TOEFL as well) 

@Azsy16 love the way you put that! (and cute dog!)

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