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What should be included in "social service experience"?


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Hello everyone,

For my MSW application some schools are asking for a list of social service experiences and I thought it could include my volunteer experiences, but the form has me confused. The form has a column for hours worked per week as well as the name of the supervisor, but for one-time volunteer experiences I did not work weekly and I have no contact with a supervisor from the facility. 

My issue is that I have volunteered with various organizations one time, but for multiple hours (food banks, clothing drives, blood drives, community outreach, etc.) and these hours would add to my overall social service experience, but I am unsure how to include them and if I should include them at all. Guidance would be greatly appreciated because I am very confused at the moment.

Thank you in advance.

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I was a member of a community service club in college and have the same issue.

I'm planning on labeling my "title" as general volunteer and listing some of the events I've done. For counting my hours, I'm counting them by month. So I'm putting 10 hours a month for ~3 years.

Hope this helps!

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Definitely include your volunteer experience because its a piece of who you are - and, in my opinion volunteering speaks to your passion for social justice and social change - although I wouldn't list it in the same manner as your 'official' work experience. I would make a volunteer section and list the orgs with the hours volunteered. So, a quick reference list rather than a thorough listing.

Side note: A lot of people say to be brief with the resume but my was 3 pages because I was able to fill them and that's a good thing! I say take credit where credit is due :) Also discussing these experiences - especially the benefit of them as a addition to a long term employment position - in your essays will tie them in nicely so there won't be any question as to why they are on your resume. good luck :)

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