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Profile Evaluation Request: PhD in PoliSci/IR/PubPol

Space Lawyer

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Hello all! 

I would appreciate a thorough critique of my profile, and suggestions on which schools to aim for that aren't already on my list. I'm certainly not the strongest applicant, and as such I'm aiming for mostly middle-tier to lower-upper-tier schools. Some on my list are clearly above my reach, but I figured I might as well try. 

Interests: Human rights, international law, governance, rule of law, intersectionality of law and policy

Education: Tier 2 undergrad (3.2 GPA), Tier 1 law school with top 5 international law program (3.2 GPA)

Research and Teaching: RA and TA, research courses, international moot court memorandums

Professional: ~1.5 years combined of internships, clinics, and legal jobs

GRE: V - 165/95%, Q - 157/67%, AW - 5.5/98%

Recommendations: Solid. Professor I RA'd for, former university chancellor, and a judge I interned for. 

Current List: Washington University in St. Louis (M.A/Phd in Political Science), Denver (PhD at Korbel School), UC-San Diego (Political Science and International Affairs), North Carolina (MA/PhD Public Policy), Duke (Public Policy at Sanford School), Michigan (Joint PhD at Ford School), Johns Hopkins (SAIS), Tufts (Phd at Fletcher), Toronto (PhD), Oregon (PhD Political Science) 

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