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GRE Writing Portion



Hello everyone!

I am new to the Grad Cafe. I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys. I was wondering if you guys can do me a favor. I'm preparing for the GRE actual exam. I recently worked and finished the writing portion of it (both the argument and issue task). I need someone to help me evaluate my writing skills and score both of my papers (0-6, in 0.5 increments). The person has to be an expert on GRE testing or someone who has done very well in the GRE exam. I would like to know how my progress is on the writing portion of the GRE. Both papers are attached to this post. I would appreciate for your help. Thank you!

Issue Task Practice - GRE.docx

Argument Task Practice - GRE.docx

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Alright, I got a 4.5 on the writing portion of the GRE, which isn't amazing, but it's still alright. I noticed a lot of grammatical errors in both samples. The first sample had errors in the all three sentences of the first paragraph. What you're saying is fine, but make sure you go back and edit once you've completed your writing. Also, it always helps to draw on very specific historical events, especially for the more vague questions.

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