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Concerning my Student Conduct Record...

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So I'm in the process of finishing up my applications and I've become stuck in a bit of a moral quandary...

A few applications have a question regarding whether I've been disciplined for student conduct violations, and if you select yes, you get a paragraph or so to explain yourself.

When I was a freshman in undergrad, my friends and I got busted for smoking weed in the student dorms.  I contacted my University and they confirmed that I currently have disciplinary actions on my record.  However - and here's where it gets interesting - they told me that they only keep records for 7 years after the infraction.  As it stands I have 2 months until my record is wiped clean.  Unfortunately, my applications are due in about two weeks...

So the question is, do I lie about my record, knowing that as long as they don't look it up during the application process there's no way I would be caught in the lie?

I've done a little research online, and it seems like the chances of them putting forth the extra effort of requesting my records if I mark "no" is pretty low.  I also feel like if I admit to my student conduct history it'll be a black mark on my application.

So I'm looking for some pragmatic advice (please no moral shaming), and I'm also wondering if anyone's in the same situation as me.  Any current/former grad students either lie about this and get away with it, or fess up to your sins and get into your program?


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I'm thinking of what would harm you most: you lying and them, by "chance", actually checking and seeing that you are a criminal AND dishonest (kidding for the criminal, wait did that happen in California? ;) ); or you "fessing up" and specifying it will be wiped out in two months. I'd say they won't check by the time it's erased, but I'd also say if they find out you lied, they will probably not even consider you anymore.

Maybe you should ask their grad office. They won't tell on ya, and they will advise your criminal-a*¨! HA! :lol: 

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2 hours ago, Gil Gunderson said:

So I'm looking for some pragmatic advice (please no moral shaming)

The definition of one’s character can be summed up by the words of Thomas Macaulay, "The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out."

I couldn't help myself.

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OP, I've had some experience with the law clinic at an old school. The vast majority of people who suffered major consequences because of past indiscretions did so not because they did something particularly bad, but because they tried to hide it and got caught. I can't tell you what to do and I'm not about to give you odds on getting away with lying. All I'll say is that if you do lie and you do get caught, I personally think you'll deserve everything that you'll have coming to you as a result. 

Also, @Black Beauty:

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 1.08.19 AM.png

I couldn't help myself. 

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