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Why was I not given opportunity

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Sorry, I feel I need to rant a bit. For many months since summer, I had been asking one of my professors for opportunity to do research. I've known him for about 3 years, have done some small tasks in the past, and so I thought we are still on good terms. However, every time I asked, he doesn't follow up. Finally, after asking him for the 78927348th time, he arranged a meeting for us including another student....who had been working for him for a short time, and is actually an undergrad! So yea, feeling bit disappointed as to why I was not given opportunity when I made effort to ask :mellow:

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I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated about research opportunities. There are many in times in grad school when we feel we are not doing what we want to do for our careers because professors (sometimes) make bad choices. 

Do you think you could give us more information as to what type of research you were hoping to do and what was the meeting about? There are some blanks that you need to fill in so that we can help you with what to do next. 

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More information would definitely be helpful. 

Are you an undergrad? Grad student? Is this professor a thesis/dissertation advisor? Potential committee member?

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