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Late LOR for Stanford and UIUC


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So basically my professor submitted late LOR for Stanford and UIUC. The website clearly states that they are strict and they cannot garuntee a review on anything that submitted late. (I am assuming they are talking about the entire application and not just the LOR). The person was late by 6 days and I am not sure what is the best I can do? I tried emailing but this is the response I got:

"Any supporting documents such as transcripts, scores, and letters of recommendation that are received after the deadline are not guaranteed full review by the admissions committee."

Since the universities are really reputed, I m worried that do they even consider this?

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So sorry that happened to you... LoRs that one part of the application process that lies out of our hands..

If that's the email reply you got, I think all there is left to do is hope for the best, unfortunately. 

It does seem that most schools will review late LoRs, so perhaps they'll still review your application. My most optimistic interpretation of the email you got back is that it's a canned response, and they don't want to encourage late submissions in any of their official communications. Another way to read this is that there's also no guarantee that the admissions commission WON'T look at your documents. If anyone who got in to these schools can confirm or add something, I'm sure that would be helpful as this is only based on general conjecture.. :(

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It might be different between departments, but my application for Stanford was due December 6th, but after I submitted my application I received an email that stated:
"Please note that we continue to accept official transcripts, GRE/TOEFL scores (paired 2-3 weeks after application is submitted online), and letters of recommendation through the first week of January. We will notify all applicants of incomplete applications by January 6th."

Either way, good luck! 

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