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Got an email from a prof at one of my prospective schools...


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So I sent off about 6 applcations that were all due Dec. 15, as I'm sure many of us did. I received an email yesterday from a professor at one of those schools, saying that he has looked over my application and my work (one published article + my writing sample, from my MA thesis), that he thinks my work and his own overlap a bit, that he strongly advises me to seriously consider their school as I make my decision about PhD programs, and that he thinks I'm a great fit for their department.

I'm a bit baffled as this was only 7 days after I submitted my application. Essentially, I'm reading his email as an unofficial acceptance letter; any other thoughts on this email? Has anyone heard of anyone else getting an email like this from prospective schools & profs?

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I honestly had something similar happen when I was applying to my current MA program. My now advisor called me and told me NOT to accept any other school's offer before talking to her. She said that if another school offered me more funding then they can work with the funding offer. So I kind of had a feeling that I would get in here.

So congrats and hope that it works out for you. :) 

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