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Chances of getting into Masters in Economics program


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I have a three years BA degree with specialisations in Economics from a college affiliated to University of Pune, India. I was wondering my chances of getting into a good Masters in Economics Program(Msc. or MA or Masters in Economics) on a scholarship.
Here are my details:
Grades: 66% cumulative of three years
GRE: 161quant 157verbal and 4 AWA
TOEFL: 107
I am specifically looking at universities where they take 3 years bachelor students. Some of the universities I have selected are (McGill University, Boston University, Tillburg University, Edinburgh Univerisity, Monash University) What are my chances in these universities? 

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I can speak for Edinburgh. You have small ok chance to be admitted if you are willing to pay full tuition. Your chances to get any financial help seem very low to me. It's almost exclusively given to the people who show promise of staying for PhD and have excellent qualifications.

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