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I/o masters program. Am I ready to apply?



Hey Everyone!

Stats (graduating this spring, 23 years old) = 3.0 GPA, 3.7 Psych Gpa, taking gre this weekend.  Psychology major/Business Minor and 1 year of research assistance. 3 years of sales and management experience in the auto repair industry. 

I am getting ready to apply to graduate school and I just want to know if anyone has, or knows anyone in a similar situation. 

I have been working full time since the day I turned 18 and let my GPA fluctuate throughout the process. When I finally decided I wanted to pursue I/O, i switched from business to psych and haven't gotten a bad grade since(including stats and research methods). I can practically recite every program's average GPA's and acceptance percentages, So I dont expect to get into a top tier program. But I do want to get into a decent on-campus, public program. 

Has anyone with stats like mine squeezed through the admissions process? If so, what schools accepted you? Any information or advice helps!


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