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Confused about Resume


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Do you put media coverage on your Resume? I have a couple of interviews online... And they sound nice (I think)... I was wondering if I should put them in - or would it be too much!! The interviews are about my practice, which is super-relevant to the applications I am doing!

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5 hours ago, Boseph16 said:

Those things typically go on your media/gallery page on your website. Perhaps link your website on your resume? 

Thank you so much for the reply! I don't have a website, actually! Never thought of one! I have given the link to my portfolio on the resume though - do you think that'd be fine?

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On 14/01/2017 at 8:13 AM, GunningForGrad said:

I include media links and in my portfolio. I have about four interviews, three articles, and a dozen or so reviews. I never really thought about including it on the resume because listing it doesn't do as much good as linking it.

Yeah, I have finally given the links in my resume. Unfortunately, I mostly have hard copies and they are not in English... Only two to present!

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