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  1. Just got my official rejection from Northwestern PS.... and now awaiting NYU but I don’t have my hopes up 😕
  2. Just checking in to say: UGH!!! The waiting game is making me go crazy. That’s all.
  3. Just sent off my application to Northwestern (in the nick of time) Might also be applying to Temple's PhD in Dance or NYU's Performance Studies... both are due Jan 15th. We shall see... Wish you all good luck on your applications and a happy new year!
  4. Hi there I will also (probably) be applying to PhD programs! I have too many degrees to name, but will be moving to Chicago to start a company dedicated to making new work with/for/by/about BIPOC, Trans and Queer folks of all abilities. Thus, I'm probably only looking at Northwestern and University of Chicago. Does anyone have any specific comparisons of the two programs? I find it so hard to get a feel for a program from their websites. @DoctorMusical how did you decide who to contact in each program and what to say? I get the feeling that many of them are too busy to just answer q
  5. I will be going to U Iowa this fall. When I visited in October I LOVED it. A beautiful accepting liberal artsy oasis. Signed a lease for a 1 bed apartment north of downtown. Big house with 5 units. Evidently, they're mostly undergrads so I'm a bit worried. The town had a surprisingly awesome small food scene, coffee shops and even a speakeasy with $5 craft cocktail happy hour (and live jazz thursdays)!!!! VERY excited to live there for 3 years.
  6. Anyone hear from Iowa yet? Based on past years, it looks like they will be emailing this week for interviews...
  7. Many Reasons: 1) Iowa's funding package is better 2) ASU is nearly 100% devising/ensemble based which excited me since I see myself as a theatre maker and not solely an interpreter of someone else's text, BUT I wanted a bit more of a balance between devising and new plays. Iowa has focus on all types of new work. 3) Getting to work with the Iowa Playwrights Workshop for 3 years. 4) Iowa offered me a unique opportunity to not only direct an Opera instead of Shakespeare for my classical term, I will also hopefully be able to develop the musical theatre certificate with the
  8. As I just officially accepted my offer and received my last rejection this week... Here is my update (in order of preference): YALE: Interview & Rejection IOWA: Interview & Acceptance (Attending) UT AUSTIN: No Interview UCSD: No Interview ASU: Interview & Acceptance (Not Attending) CMU: Interview & Self-Withdrawal UCLA: Interview & Self-Withdrawal Crossing my fingers for you @Directorial... Would be awesome if two classmates came from this thread! Hope everyone's final interviews went well. While I know tha
  9. Has anyone heard from Iowa, Carnegie Mellon or Northwestern?
  10. Just reached out to UCSD and looks like interviews were scheduled for tomorrow and Saturday... don't know if that's the only round of first interviews or not, but I won't be holding out any hope.
  11. Also received a no from yale. Today's a fun day.... not.
  12. Rejection from UT Austin this morning. Oh well. Not meant to be.
  13. Just received an offer from one of my top choices: IOWA!!!!! This morning I got an email saying Alan wanted a 15 minute follow-up phone call. I had no idea what that meant, but he just wanted to let me know over the phone. Flipped out on the phone a bit... so much for playing it cool HAHA Still waiting to hear about final rounds at Yale and first round at UT Austin and UCSD. Yale trumps all schools, but I can't decide about the other two. Iowa does seem like the absolute perfect program for me...
  14. Today's the day that URTA schools can start sending out offers and possibly hear from Yale about final round... maybe the most nervous I've been in my life - can't stop checking my phone. GOOD LUCK ALL!
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