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USC Viterbi - Scholarship information


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I have applied to USC - Viterbi school of engineering before the Dec 15 deadline for scholarship consideration.

I got an academic eligibility notification asking to submit financial documents for admission letter. There was no mention of scholarship. Does this mean no scholarship was granted or do I have to wait for a separate notification about the scholarship before submitting proof of financial support?


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You did not mention your field or whether you're applying for MS or PhD, so I am not quite so sure how to help. However, I think the best way to find out about this is by contacting the department directly. 

One of the university I applied to asks for financial information details and proof in the online application platform since I am applying as International student. I was not quite so sure how to fill the forms because I was hoping to fund my studies by TA or GA. I contacted the DGS of the program and she promptly replied me saying that the funding is guaranteed by the program and advised me to leave some of the fields blank. I also contacted the program secretary who then said that she will fill them out for me in the case of acceptance and not to worry about it. 

So yeah, contact your program's secretary or DGS for further information. They'll be the one who can give you definitive answer for your problem. Hope this helps :)

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Thanks @billy_maga. I've applied around December 10th, before the scholarship consideration deadline and got the eligibility notification on 13th of January.

Haven't received any feedback on scholarship. Reached out to them on Jan 24th - no reply as of now. Will update once I know the status. 

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