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Accepted to the University Of Edinburgh


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I have just been accepted to the University of Edinburgh (MSc- Environment Culture and Society) and deferred until Fall 2018. I was just wondering if anyone out there has lived in Edinburgh and knows a bit about the cost of living (monthly rent of a flat/university housing), bills, groceries, etc. I have checked Edinburgh's website, however they do not offer much in the way of the actual cost of student housing, just the fact that it is available. My wife and I will be heading over next august and just want to get an idea of how much things typically cost over there (we are from North Carolina)



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Hi Peter,

I am currently finishing my undergrad in Edinburgh so I can tell you few things about the city. First of all, I think you will love it! Everybody that I know love it. It's really green, yet historic, great music venues and extinct volcano almost in the city centre. 

As per cost of living, it's not that bad. You can find nice 1bed flat for around £650-700 + bills (probably around £60) in nice location where you can walk to university and even cheaper if you are willing to commute. You may also want to look at private student halls (line Unite Student), which tend to be more expensive, or private letting agencies. I can recommend Southside, they have plenty of properties around university. 

If you buy your groceries in Lidl you will be under £40 per week per person if you pack you lunch and dine mostly at home. Tesco is slightly more expensive but still manageable. Some other relevant prices: lunch around £5, dining out with glass of wine from £20, cinema £10.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.  

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