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Canadian Schools?


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Manitoba here but nowhere else. I had conversations with faculty members at Toronto but was told that funding for Americans is essentially non-existent and what is available is only enough to underwrite some tuition. So, I opted not to apply to Toronto but Manitoba told me that unless someone is coming in as self-funded, they only admit those that they can fund. Sometimes they admit students and fund in exchange for some work, which I imagine is similar to Work Study here in the States - which I wouldn't mind, as long as it was relevant or pleasing work.

I looked at other schools but faculty either didn't work in moral theology (or its historical development) or weren't interested in my approach.

I was accepted to Manitoba for History and Religion, though given two weeks to turn one of them down so that the offer could go to someone else.

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I applied to TST and was rejected. I'm not surprised really, my bachelors and MA are both in Philosophy, so I knew it was a long shot. It was the only Theology program I applied to (the rest are Philosophy programs), but thought it may be a good fit for my research interests. Thankfully, I already got an acceptance that I would have taken over TST anyway, so I'm not upset about it.

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