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University of Oxford MPhil Applicants??


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Is there anyone who applied to Oxford's Master's Programmes by the January 6th deadline and still waiting for results? Please let me know I'm not alone in this anxious situation!

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1 hour ago, BellaAung said:

@capplicant Thank you! I am getting nervous because one of my current offers have a Feb 21 reply by date and I'm not quite sure if Oxford has even started evaluating our Jan deadline applications.


You could ask your other universities for a deadline extension, they are usually pretty flexible!

I'm not sure we will hear any final decision before March as Oxford reserves itself 6 to 8 weeks to process applications.

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Also still waiting and can't stand it! 

I would definitely ask for a deadline extension from the other uni. I've heard from a few professors that have worked at Oxford (I go to the other half of Oxbridge and a lot of my supervisors went to or have taught at Oxford) that they tend to release results at the very end of Feb/ beginning of March, at least for politics (I'm waiting on one of the other pol masters). I.e. the 6-8 week window leans more towards the week 8 side. 

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