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Adelphi University Personal Statement

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Hey guys, so I'm applying to Adelphi's SLP program & I'm confused by the personal statement. I never wrote a research proposal before, so in this case, since it's our personal statement, what the heck do they want? How long is it supposed to be? Do we include all aspects, like our findings?


The prompt is here if anyone forgot it:


"Speech-language therapy is a constantly evolving career that focuses on diversity, developing evidence-based practice, clinically-relevant research, as well as inter-professional research and practice.  We aspire to enhance client-centered and effective treatment that will provide individuals with communication disorders the opportunity for full participation.


As an aspiring speech-language pathologist, we ask you to write a research proposal or a community-based project that aims to enhance and/or facilitate the participation of individuals with communication disorders in their respective communities. Your project or proposal can address a specific communication disorder of interest to you across the lifespan (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, aphasia, swallowing disorder, voice disorder, etc.) ."


Thanks in advance.

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I just checked the document with all the essay prompts. It definitely said in a minimum of 300 words. I'd have to turn on my cpu to see how many words mine was but I know I made sure it was less than 1000 words/2 pgs max. And I was lost about the research proposal until I saw that there was the option to write about an idea for a community project. Idk why I hadn't noticed it for the longest time lol but yeah I did that instead since I was blank about the research 

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Hey, hope this isn't too late of a response but as a current undergrad who got accepted into Adelphi last week, I had the same issue when I first saw the prompt as I've never written a research proposal before. I began worrying and even thought of asking my professor who does research to give me an idea but I just went with the community based project. I wrote about a specific communication disorder and then expanded on goals that the project would have and how I would accomplish them... if that makes sense. Make sure to follow the word limit and best of luck! 

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Hello! I was accepted to Adelphi a few weeks ago and here's what I wrote about for the prompt: I chose a communication disorder that interested me the most and I created a program of treatment for the patient that was kind of a mixture of a community based project and a research proposal. I had never written one of these before either so I read a bunch of peer-reviewed articles and when I wrote my essay, I separated each section into intro, hypothesis, method, analysis, and conclusion sections. I wrote a lot about what I would hope would happen with my plan and how we would tackle it if it didn't go as planned. They really just want to get a sense of how you write, your creativity, ability to plan, and problem solve. They know that we have never written a research proposal before :)  Mine was about 500 words but I think the minimum was 300. I also typed it double spaced. Make sure to reference evidence from other articles and cite your sources as well! Good luck! :) 

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5 hours ago, SundayMatinee said:

@slpgrad620. Thank you for your input & congrats!

I don't know if you happen to know this as well, but does it have to be double spaced or 1.5 line spacing? I assume 1.5 lines.

I used double spaced. Good luck 

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