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UC Chancellor's Fellowship (UCSB)

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to make a thread regarding the Chancellor's Fellowship that is offered at the UC schools. When I was accepted into UCSB, I was informed that I was nominated for the Chancellor's Fellowship, which is a central university allocated fellowship. I tried looking online for information regarding the fellowship and the process of receiving it, but couldn't find much, so I wanted to share the information that I have now that I received it. Congrats and goodluck if you're in this situation!

I'd like to preface that this information is not verified as being true, but that it's the information that I found online and that I gathered from the process.

I was informed that I was accepted into the PhD CCSP (clinical, counseling, and school psychology) program at UCSB about a week after the 1/20/17 interview day. I was called by my POI and told told of my nomination for the fellowship on the same call that I was informed of my acceptance. I was told that I was nominated by the department and that at that point, it was just a waiting game until the university makes a decision on the nominations (coming from all departments). I was called by my POI immediately after he heard the decision that I was chosen for the fellowship, which was on 2/24/17. 

I found online that each department gets a certain number of nominations for these types of fellowships depending on how big the department is. This is true for both the Chancellor's Fellowship and the diversity fellowships (Cota Robles). Typically the number is about 3 or 4 nominations per fellowship per department. The department nominates you and submits all necessary documents -- you don't have to do anything as a nominee. 

Here's a link to the most detailed info I could find online regarding this process.


It's a little outdated in regard to the amount of the stipend, but information still sounds applicable.

Here's an outline of my Chancellor's Fellowship offer. Not sure if this is how it is for every recipient, since I've only seen my offer, so please keep that in mind.


Chancellor's Fellowship Package

  • A stipend of $24,000 from Graduate Division for each of three years (from the first five years of study)
  • A supplement of $5,000 summer support in the summer following your first year
  • A teaching or research assistant position at approximately 50% time (for the other two years)
  • Payment of fees and UC health insurance for five years; in employment years Graduate Division pays any balance of fees after fee remission; in stipend years Graduate Division pays any balance of fees not covered during appointment periods by required UCSB graduate student fee remission
  • Payment by Graduate Division of supplemental nonresident tuition (if required) for the first year of study
  • Access to University housing for the first year, renewable for up to six years (provided Housing and Residential Services’ requirements are met)

The schedule of your financial support during your UC Santa Barbara graduate tenure will be as follows:

  • Year 1: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year, $5,000 supplement (following Spring)
  • Year 2: Departmental teaching assistantship or research position
  • Year 3: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year
  • Year 4: Departmental teaching assistantship or research position
  • Year 5: $24,000 Graduate Division stipend year

Should additional departmental funds become available, you may receive a letter from your department providing supplementary support to this Chancellor's Fellowship."

I've accepted my offer to attend UCSB and take the Chancellor's Fellowship. I heard from the housing department that this fellowship might also give me priority for Student Family Housing, which I'm very happy about. I do not know much about the fellowship outside of this information since I have yet to attend graduate school yet. Just hoping that passing along this information is helpful to someone in the future.



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Thanks for this! And congrats! I was also offered this fellowship, but at UC Riverside. It has been difficult to find info online. My funding package looks different than yours, however, but that is probably due to the different departments and their needs. I'm going to accept mine. They made a mistake (accidentally entered me as already holding an MA) and only offered me 3 years funding when it should have been 5. I'm just waiting for the revised offer at this point. It is nerve-wracking because I'm nervous something will happen and they won't be able to offer me the extra 2 years! I hope that's not the case because I don't think I will go if I'm not offered support for all 5 years :/

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