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The New School or Adelphi University Clinical Psychology

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I have been accepted to The New School for Social Research's MA program with a planned concentration in Mental Health and Substance abuse, and it is a step toward acceptance into their Ph.D. program after the two-year MA, however I have been accepted to Adelphi University's clinical Ph.D. program and I was wondering if anyone had some advice in which way to lean. I am interested in becoming a Clinician and utilizing CBT and interested in anxiety and emotion regulation. Thank you for any advice you have or proving any factors I should consider!

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Is it a "for sure acceptance" to The New School's PhD program upon completion of the MA or would you have to reapply and be up against other applicants? If its only a maybe sort of thing, I would be hesitant to accept a MA offer over a PhD offer, especially when the PhD offer is a clinical psych one. Also, you would need to consider funding. Would you receive funding from the MA? Or is Adelphi not saying you'd receive funding if you chose to go there? And did the "fit" feel more right at one program over the other?

You are just a tad bit vague on this post so it may be a little hard to give really solid advice. My best advice is probably to make a pro/con list to list out all of the usual factors when deciding on a program.

Obviously you are extremely competitive if you've received an acceptance to a clinical psych program but each year is getting much more competitive so take that into consideration for sure. Congrats on both offers, hope you figure out what is best for your future! :)

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If I was in your position I would pick Adelphi, it is an excellent program and will help shape you into a great and well informed clinician and researcher.  I went to Adelphi for my undergraduate degree and I was privileged to have several of the Graduate school professors in my advanced year of study; they are not only exceptional teachers but they are amazing people as well. The program is more psychodynamically focused than most programs, but having this theoretical background will help you immensely in your clinical work.  As an undergrad l considered applying to the New School; however, I quickly crossed it off my list of potential schools after talking to my mentor whom was discouraging me to apply there. I don't  remember all of the specifics,but from what I recall he said that a lot of the students who have gone there have been unhappy with the program and education they received.  In sum, it really wasn't a good program.  I'm not sure if this helps. If you don't mind me asking what are your research interests?  Feel free to message me if you have any questions about Adelphi. 

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