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Research Experience or Teaching Experience

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I get paid to do my research and I can work as little or as much as I want.  I have been doing research basically my entire undergradiate career. I have done a little tutoring on the side, but other than that I have no teaching experience. I am applying for fall 2018 PhD programs in Statistics.  I can get cut back on research next year and do tutoring or lead supplemental classes on math next year.  Is it worth it to cut back on my research? I know in other fields it is more important to have teaching experience, but is teaching experience necessary in for applications in Stats/Math?

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The more you can prove you can be a good researcher the better. Id think if you were to cut back at all , it would be better to focus on difficult upper level math coursework or grading courses like prob/stat theory/real analysis. Just my two cents (im an undergrad)

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Research experience can be helpful, but a lot of people get into graduate programs in stats or biostats without any research experience. It's just not possible to do a lot of PhD level research in stat/biostat without having taking graduate level courses in statistics, so I don't think it will carry a whole lot of weight beyond demonstrating that you have some idea about research and know what it entails. 

I think your grades (especially in upper division math courses) and recommendation letters will make the most difference, so make sure that those are stellar. 

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