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Georgetown SFS vs McCourt


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Hi all, 

I've been researching Georgetown programs and although I know the emphasis for McCourt vs SFS is different I'm wondering if both are equally as good and offer as many opportunities. I am interested in a program that joins together Public Policy and International Affairs. I want to learn about both domestic and international issues and how they meet and influence each other. I'm interested in some quantitative training while also having freedom to learn about international law, human rights, diplomacy, and history. Which program do you think is best and how do they compare? I'd also appreciate any recommendations of any other programs that meet the criteria. 

Thanks :)


EDIT: I'm mainly looking at the Master of International Development Policy and the Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)

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On 3/14/2017 at 0:12 PM, nahuja32 said:

Do check your inbox. My 2 cents worth. 

Hi @nahuja32, I wonder if you could also forward your 2 cents my way? I'm also deciding between McCourt's MIPD and MSFS and understand that each program has a slightly different focus. Though I'm trying to understand where that slight difference would lead to in terms of career prospect in the future.

Thanks a lot in advance! 

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