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Got this email concerning CGS-M


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Hi everyone,


I got this email a last week regarding CGS-M. Does this email say I've gotten an unofficial acceptance? 



Dear [Me],


I am very pleased to inform you that your application to CGS-M award to the [University] was nominated by our departmental selection committee and has been ranked highly by the [University] in its central adjudication process.


Results will be made available to applicants and posted on the Research Portal as of April 1st 2017, the date mandated by the Tri-Agencies. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding your application.


I would like to extend my congratulations and best wishes for your future success.

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Hmm thats tricky. It could just mean you were nominated by the department, but then it goes to another stage beyond the department. At my school, in step 1 you have to be nominated by the department -- they get to choose a fixed number of students applications to nominate, then it goes to the next stage where you are basically in a pile with people across many disciplines (within your choice of SSHRC v NSERC groups). At least that it what my supervisor said our school does for CGS-M. However, you could always email them back and ask for clarification! Puts you out of the misery of waiting 2 more weeks and wondering what they meant! 

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