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Thought I'd start a forum about the universities you've been accepted to and then maybe listing some pros and cons of each...

I know there are some of us that are starting to get acceptances and waitlists rolled in and some people have visited campus, met faculty so it may help us decide where to choose for our future grad program..? :)

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I love this idea! So far I've been accepted to Grand Valley State University, Abilene Christian University (Dallas campus) and Fort Hayes State University.

Grand Valley State University


1) it's my only in-state school so it's close to family and I would be able to live rent-free with my aunt.

2) They don't have an on-campus clinic so you are out in the community starting your fist semester (which I think is pretty cool and gives you great real-life, in-the-field experience).

3) It's an accelerated program so I would be graduating in December 2018. 

4) It's right downtown Grand Rapids, MI, right in the heat of the Medical Mile so it's got tons of externship opportunities.

5) I interviewed there and the faculty seems great and really dedicated to their students. The cohort also seems to be very close-knit so that's a plus.


1) It's a new program and still a candidate for accreditation.

2) It doesn't have an on-campus clinic (yes I see this as a pro and a con)

3) It is an entire masters program condensed into a shorter time period which might be added stress!


Abilene Christian University (Dallas campus)


1) It's a very close-knit program and I LOVED the faculty. I had such a warm and welcoming feeling when I visited last summer.

2) It's in Dallas rather than Abilene which makes for many more externship opportunities.  

3) They allow you to do your last externship anywhere in the country you want, you don't have to stay in Dallas. I think this is a really cool oppurtunity and something that really attracted me to the program.

4) It's in Texas and I love the south lol.


1) This is the first year they will have the Dallas program and it is still waiting for the "okay" from ASHA

2) Since it's their first year there really isn't any way to talk to anyone about the program (since no one has gone through it yet lol)

3) Not sure about placement opportunities since the program is so new.


Fort Hayes State University 

I can't REALLY say any pros and cons for this program because I don't know much about it and have never visited, if anyone has any information that would be wonderful!

Congrats, everyone on the recent acceptances! 

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I already go there, so I know the campus, clinic, staff, and already have a feel for the school. 

Inexpensive and local. 

Consistent positive feedback from current grad students and SLP alum. 

Grad students in the clinic seemed very relaxed and very supportive of each other. 

Can pick your school district for placement.

7 clinics, plus they are in the process of adding new specialty clinics.

10 full-time Ph.D staff, all specialty areas are covered. 

Study abroad opportunity.

I know all the CSUF students that also got in, so chances are good that I will know at least some of my peers. 

Scheduling flexibility -- can go part-time or take off summers or a take a semester off if needed. 



Missing out on the opportunity to experience a new school.

Program is going though some changes -- staff retirement, transitioning from paper records to digital for the upcoming year, etc.

Overall nothing glaring, I've been getting extremely positive feedback.

Longer program than other schools -- 2.5-3 years 




I can't really say too much, but the campus was nice and the staff was very kind during the interview. 

Tuition is roughly the same as CSUF.

Multicultural emphasis, like CSUF, however, you are required a certain amount of hours working with a translator or with a client in your second language.

2 year program.


No one around here knows much about the program, so I can't get a good read on it, but what few things I have heard about the program isn't too good. 

Not as close to me as CSUF.


CU Boulder


Highest ranking school I got into

New experience

A research-oriented university, as opposed to CSUF, a teaching-oriented university -- different experience

Beautiful location

Cohort-model - last year's class' full 2 year program curriculum is available online. 

2 year program.



Move to a new state. 

Never been to the campus in person, and I can't make it unless I go after April 15th.

I'd have to commit before seeing the program and interacting with the professors, current grad students, and potential peers.

Expensive, double of CSU's tuition.  

Haven't been able to message/talk to people who know or are in the program, so don't know too much about how people feel about it. 



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University of Central Oklahoma


This is where I'm doing my undergrad so I'm familiar with the staff and the other students

On campus clinic

Summer start so I won't be taking classes my second year


I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life and I'm ready to experience something new 

This is where I am doing my undergrad (yes this is a pro and a con)

We have a partnership with a local early childhood education program that can be very inconsistent. If you have one of those children as a client (which is very likely) you're at risk for not getting enough hours

The clinic is very small 

Missouri State University


It's a different state and town that is reasonably close to my hometown (4hr drive)

The clinic is very large with different rooms to accommodate younger and older clients

A scholarship that will cover almost all of my out of state fees 

Summer start

A foreign exchange program that allows students to travel to Central America for a week in the summer to provide services to children and adults


Starting over in a strange place

The clinic is a little older and not as high tech as others 

I'm unfamiliar with the staff and students (I'm going to an open house in a few weeks so that will change)

University of Central Oklahoma HSC

Im not really familiar with this program, but it is only 20 minutes from my hometown so I would be commuting which is a con because traffic is bad. 

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