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Columbia GSAS-- any info to be garnered from online app?

herself the elf

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Has anyone else applied to Columbia GSAS via the online system either this year or in the past? Is there any decision information that one can get from the online system?

[Disclaimer: Reading further may add to your ridiculous checking routine as it has to mine!]

Click on Submitted application > Downloadable forms > Application Status Form

It seems to me that "Status__________ At Department____________" is likely to change at some point, perhaps prior to my receipt of any official notification.

Thoughts from anyone with prior experience with this? Is everyone else's "Status__ At Department__" blank?

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I hadn't even seen that line on the document!

If you're accepted, I think Columbia would contact you before updating the document - it's such a small school (I think most departments admit only a few grad students each year) that the professors would probably contact you pretty soon, before the administrators got around to updating it.

If you're rejected you might find out online before you're contacted... just thinking out loud, here. Best course of action: don't even check it, just wait for the email or the call.

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For future applicants who find this thread, a partial answer: accepted Sociology applicants this year (2010) heard via phone and email before any (presumed) change of form. Stop checking it-- nothing positive is going to be found there.

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