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Anyone heard of Schwarzman Scholars?

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Hello, everyone.

We have reps from the Schwarzman Scholars program coming to my school later this month. According to their website, they pay for your tuition for a one year master program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. I know of Tsinghua as being a top university in China (I've heard it being compared to their version of MIT for excelling in STEM), so as far university brand, it sounds compelling, but I've never heard of this program. They have Michelle Obama and previous US Secretary of States all over their page. Any thoughts?

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It is new and a 21st Century version of Rhodes Scholars at Oxford. Large endowment from Mr Schwarzman and influential board members from politics, business and academia. Intake from US, Europe and Asia. Very selective and successful applicants need to outline educational and professional goals. I saw some bios and they are impressive. Obviously this program is backed by Tsinghua and Chinese educators. Tsinghua is regarded as the best uni in China and trained many senior politicians. Many undergrads go on to top grad schools in the US and Europe.

1 year Master's taught in English, scholarship covers tuition and stipend. Scholars will have access to network.

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The program seems pretty awesome. Those interested should note that  you do not need to have studied Chinese or necessarily have any background in China-related stuff either to be a competitive applicant. The students in the first class boasted extremely impressive resumes and had a wide range of backgrounds.

Tsinghua's campus is beautiful, by the way, and very close to the other bar-none top university in China, Peking University (which has a similar program called Yenching Academy). Both are located near the Wudaokou neighborhood of Beijing, which is a student & expat hub with great restaurants, bars and clubs. 

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