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Hello there.
I’m an undergrad Econ, with a minor in math. I want to do PhD in econ, but I prefer solving practical, daily econ issues, rather than staying in my office all day to build new formula and stuff, thus  I want to do PhD in applied econ. Can anyone enlighten me? I have several questions:

1/ Does admissions for PhD applied econ require the same math courses and intensity as PhD econ does?

2/ is phd applied econ admission less/same competitive as pure phd econ?

3/ what’s a successful file of a person who gets into a good (top 50 and above) phd applied econ? Any masters? Research exp? publication?

4/ Is it less math intensive than pure phd econ, or does it require the use of a different type of math (I mean, AFTER one gets in and starts the curriculum)? Is it simply another word for PhD Business as some people said? what're the core differences between applied econ and pure econ?

5/ what're the core differences in the curriculum of PhD applied econ and PhD econ?

Thanks a bunch! Deeply appreciate. You guys are most kind to enlighten me! And congrats to those who made it into their top choices for PhD econ also.

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