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Hi everyone!

Like many of you, I'm having a really hard time making a decision.  MGH was originally my top choice. I have always been really impressed by its clinical affiliations, on campus clinic, and of course its amazing reputation.
However, I noticed that MGH requires about 20 more credits than the other schools and requires an extra semester of classes. Many of its semesters also require 6 or 7 classes as opposed to 3 like many of the other schools do. I wanted to know if you enjoyed your experience, and whether you found the work load to be overwhelming. Did you find these extra classes to be beneficial in your placements?
I have heard some stories of other girls in the program who were mentally and emotionally drained by MGH's demanding workload. Although I love MGH, I can't help but wonder whether I would be slightly less stressed out at another program in Boston.

If anyone is currently at MGH or went to MGH or had a friend at MGH, I was wondering what your opinion on this was. Is the workload crazy? Is it manageable? Did you like it?

Thank you so much in advance!!
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I visited MGH IHP last summer, and was rejected from there for Fall 2017 in SLP. During my visit, I asked about the larger number of credits. Dr. Nicholas advised that MGH IHP sees the trend in speech-language pathology heading towards a PhD instead of an MS/MA in the future, so they are ensuring that their program is comprehensive. In addition, I was told that MGH IHP grads have often been able to negotiate for Master's + 15 (credits) or Master's + 30 pay rates in their first jobs, versus peers from other programs with fewer credits. 

And, MGH IHP can put you in direct contact with a current student via email so you can chat with them about the workload/program in general, I was able to talk to a current student after my visit last summer. Dr. Nicholas put me in touch with a current student. :) 

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